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Monthly Recap #11

Welcome to our Monthly Recap. At the end of each month, this blog series provides insights into the events of the past weeks. The topics always revolve around startups, sports, professional athletes and entrepreneurship. Readers receive information on interesting articles, podcast and newsletter recommendations, as well as profiles of successful entrepreneurial athletes. 🚀

FYI: All startups that are interested in athletes as investors can register on our website.

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Headlines of the Month

Serveral athletes are team owners in new E1 series

The E1 Series was launched back in 2021. A race was held for the first time this year. It is the first regatta series in the world dedicated to flying electric boats. Tom Brady's team came out on top in the first race.

JPMorgan Office

In addition to the football star, other athletes such as Rafael Nadal and Sergio Perez are team owners. More info here.

© E1 series

UTA scores deal to buy europe soccer agency ROOF

The largest German consulting agency ROOF becomes part of UTA, the United Talent Agency. With clients such as Kai Havertz and Serge Gnabry, the agency represents professional footballers throughout Europe. The partnership with UTA has now been concluded. The agency from the USA is one of the most influential companies in the world.

Managing Director Rich Paul is one of the world's best-known managers. He works with basketball star LeBron James, among others. More info here.

© Deadline

Cristiano Ronaldo joins Whoop as investor

The Portuguese footballer will help the company achieve global growth as an investor and worldwide brand ambassador. Ronaldo has already been a user of the sports product for several years.

SportsInnovation 2024

The cooperation also includes exclusive insights into his training methods. A detailed review is available here.

© Business Wire

Recommendations of the Month

💡 We have brought you two recommendations from our team. The Profluence Newsletter gives an insight into so-called "phygital products" in sport. In the Coaching Area Podcast we present Athlete Capital and the potential of athlete investors. 💡


That was it, the next edition of Monthly Recap. From interesting news from the world of Athlete Angels to recommendations from the media, everything was included again. We hope we were able to give you a good overview of the past month. Check back at the end of next month for the next recap. 🚀

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