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Athlete Angel Update #6

It's that time again - the Athlete Angel Update is here! Here we regularly inform about the latest developments in the world of Athlete Angels. Who has made a new investment? Which athletes are taking their first steps in the startup scene? These and other questions are the focus of this section.

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Niklas Weller

The startup proSports.Zone has successfully completed a seed financing round, raising €1.2 million. Niklas Weller, handball player and captain of the Bundesliga club HSV Hamburg, has also placed his trust in the company as an Athlete Angel from our network. He holds a 0.2% stake.

What makes this company so special? It offers professional, modern, and cloud-based software specifically tailored to the needs of professional clubs, performance-oriented clubs, youth performance centers, and sports associations. In addition to Niklas, business angels from the fields of business, IT, and legal have also committed as investors. This broad expertise is intended to help the founding team further develop its innovative software solution and provide tailored support for the various requirements in the sports sector.

Serge Gnabry, Jürgen Klopp & David Raum

A fascinating alliance of football greats is shaping the latest developments in the world of sports and technology. David Raum (Shares: 0.29%), Serge Gnabry (0.29%), and Jürgen Klopp (0.58%) have jointly invested in the emerging company Prematch. This impressive investment is supported by other football icons, including Toni Kroos (0.59%) and Jonathan Burkhardt (0.29%).

Prematch has an ambitious mission: they want to become the platform for amateur football in Europe. The vision is to bring professional experiences such as news, data, and gamification into the huge community of over 190 million football enthusiasts in the non-professional sector.

The investment from the sports greats not only underscores the confidence in Prematch's potential but also the commitment to advancing the football experience at all levels.

Heiko Westermann

The former national football player has expressed his commitment to the startup FANtium. He joins a prominent circle of investors including Donata Hopfen, Dominic Thiem, and Lucas von Cranach.

FANtium has set an ambitious mission: they want to build a sports ecosystem where fans hold a real stake in their favorite sports and collectively benefit from sporting success. Their approach is based on blockchain technology.

The involvement of Heiko Westermann and other high-profile investors not only underscores FANtium's potential but also the growing interest in innovative approaches in the sports sector. This partnership promises exciting developments for fans and sports enthusiasts.

Mario Götze

Mario Götze has announced his investment in Eterno Health. Eterno offers fully equipped practice spaces where doctors can practice independently. Unlike the model of Medical Care Centers (MCCs), doctors at Eterno retain their independence and do not have to share revenue. Additionally, Eterno aims to facilitate all non-medical tasks for the doctors, such as administration, appointment scheduling, and IT support. With a clear focus on independence and relieving doctors of administrative tasks, Mario and Eterno Health are ready to set new standards in the healthcare sector. The footballer holds a 0.15% stake in the startup.

In a venture funding round totaling $5.5 million, Mario is joining

The Miami-based startup has established itself as a platform where organizations have the opportunity to develop and train GenAI models in their own environment without ever having their data or models leave their possession. This innovative approach allows companies to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence without having concerns about data privacy and security. In addition to Götze, other investors include Long Journey Ventures and 35V (Kevin Durant).

Mario has also invested in the startup encentive. The seed round of €2.7 million was led by the lead investor Summiteer. Mario holds 0.26% of the shares. encentive has developed a solution with their flexOn platform that enables comprehensive and intelligent optimization and flexibilization of commercial electricity consumers. This platform offers all energy and load management services in one place, from peak load capping to self-consumption optimization to active integration into the electricity market.

Xaver has also secured an investment from the footballer. The startup aims to close Europe's pension gap. By providing an advanced AI-driven B2B platform for the distribution of life insurance and private pension insurance, Xaver improves the operational and sales efficiency of banks, insurers, and brokers by up to 65%. Xaver introduces a new era of white-label private pension products. In the pre-seed investment round, they raised €5 million. Alongside Mario (0.37%), Cavalry Ventures and former Commerzbank CEO Martin Blessing are also involved.

Lastly, he has also invested in Superset. The New York-based company has developed an innovative business model that provides workflow software for professional health and fitness coaches. With over 900,000 coaches who painstakingly compile spreadsheets, payments, CRM, and other applications to run their business and collectively earn $40 billion per year, Superset provides relief. The platform simplifies this by giving coaches full control over their business through a standalone app and digital experience.

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