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Monthly Recap #9

Welcome to our Monthly Recap. This blog series provides insights into the events of the past weeks at the end of each month. The topics always revolve around startups, sports, professional athletes, and entrepreneurship. Readers can find information on interesting articles, podcast recommendations, and newsletters, as well as profiles of successful athlete-entrepreneurs. 🚀

FYI: All startups interested in athletes as investors can register on the website.

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Headlines of the Month

JPMorgan sets up sports investment banking team

The next world-renowned bank is establishing an internal team to manage investments in sports. These developments underscore the significance attributed to the sports market as an investment sector in today's time.

JPMorgan Office

More information here.


NBA tests Bodycams at the All Star Game 24

Next technology application in the world's premier basketball league. Following our recent blog post on the LED floor used during the All-Star Games, the next innovation is the body camera, which has also been tested in European basketball and football.

The company MINDFLY equips athletes with cameras to integrate the player's perspective into the media industry. More information here.


Recap of SportsInnovation 2024

Just a few days ago, the annual SportsInnovation took place in Düsseldorf. Over 2,000 guests were invited to the stadium of Fortuna Düsseldorf to discuss the latest trends in the world of sports.

SportsInnovation 2024

A detailed recap is available here.

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Recommendations of the Month

💡 We've brought you two recommendations from our team. In the Athletes Economy newsletter, the current market of startups aiming to integrate professional athletes into the SportTech industry is analyzed. In the OMR podcast, Daniel Grieder is a guest and discusses, among other topics, Hugo Boss's sports strategy. 💡


That concludes the latest edition of Monthly Recap. From interesting news in the world of Athlete Angels to media recommendations, it's been a diverse month. We hope we've provided you with a good overview of the past month. Feel free to check back at the end of next month for the next recap. 🚀

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