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Monthly Recap #6

Welcome to our Monthly Recap. This blog series provides insights into the events of the past weeks at the end of each month. The topics always revolve around startups, sports, professional athletes, and entrepreneurship. Readers will find information on interesting articles, podcast and newsletter recommendations, as well as profiles of entrepreneurially successful athletes. 🚀

FYI: All startups interested in athletes as investors can register on the website.

Headlines of the Month

The Players Fund adds female athletes

The VC fund made headlines a few months ago as one of the first funds primarily collaborating with professional athletes. Now, for the first time, they have also enlisted female athletes for their pool.

In this article, you'll discover who the new female investors are.

© The Players Fund

Global SportsTech VC Report 2023

As is customary every year, the company SportsTechX summarizes the past year and analyzes the sports technology sector. Detailed charts, innovative startups, and emerging trends...

All of this is provided in the 2024 report.

A free version is available.

© SportsTechX

Bundesliga will sell TV rights to investors

In Germany, the topic caused quite a stir. The proposal was rejected in the summer at the first attempt. In the second try, the clubs of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga have now agreed to sell a small share of their own TV and marketing rights to external investors.

More information can be found here.

© DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga

Recommendations of the Month

💡 We bring you two recommendations from our team. In the Profluence Sports Newsletter, the sports tech year 2023 is recapped. In the internal podcast of Athlete Capital, professional handball player Niklas Weller and Ronny Wangelin, CEO of proSports.Zone, are guests and talk about their new partnership as an investor and startup. 💡

Newest Offer

Before we bid farewell to the year 2023, here's a brief preview of an exclusive offer to kick off the new year:

Based on over 50 conversations with professional athletes, we've summarized the three key success factors for your entry into the world of startups in a free video. All further information will be announced in January. Stay tuned!


That concludes the next edition of the Monthly Recap. From interesting news in the world of Athlete Angels to media recommendations and profiles of entrepreneurially successful athletes, we covered it all. We hope this gave you a good overview of the past month. Feel free to check back at the end of next month for the next recap. 🚀

FYI: All athletes facing difficulties in understanding the mentioned terms can access our lexicon in the Athlete Angel Academy.

References: LinkedIn, Sporttechx, Profluence Sports, sportspromedia, reuters, DFL, The Players Fund

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