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Monthly Recap #5

Welcome to our Monthly Recap. This blog series provides insights into the events of the past weeks at the end of each month. The topics always revolve around startups, sports, professional athletes, and entrepreneurship. Readers will find information on interesting articles, podcast and newsletter recommendations, as well as profiles of entrepreneurially successful athletes 🚀

FYI: All startups interested in athletes as investors can register on the website.

Headlines of the Month

Why Athletes Should Start Investing In Sports Tech

Antonio Cacorino, with his company APEX, recently launched a new VC fund in which numerous international top athletes like Formula 1 drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz have invested. The fund's investment focus includes startups in the sports tech scene.

In this article, he describes why and how athletes should invest in this emerging industry.

© Global Banking & Finance

Everyone's Investing In Sports

The sports industry is booming, not only in the world of media but also gaining significant attention in the financial world. More and more investors are considering entering clubs or companies.

Prominent personalities are also part of this trend. Actors, musicians, athletes, influencers - many are jumping on the hype train. More on this here.

© Sportstechx

Warren Buffett Invests in MLB-Team

Another indicator of the sports boom: Stock market guru Warren Buffett, through his company Berkshire Hathaway, is investing in the US baseball team Atlanta Braves.

This article provides more information.

© Mark Peterson/Corbis via Getty Images

Recommendations of the Month

💡 We bring you two recommendations from our team. The New Game Newsletter reports on the strong growth of investments in women's football. Our internal podcast discusses the role of professional athletes in the sustainability industry. We had founder and investor Tim Schumacher as a guest, and we discussed, among other things, his World Fund. 💡

Athlete Profiles

In November, we focused on three German investors who recently participated together in the Cologne-based startup Prematch. Below are the profiles of Jürgen Klopp, Serge Gnabry, and David Raum.

Jürgen Klopp

Age: 56

Sports: Soccer ⚽️

Club: FC Liverpool

Location: Liverpool

Ventures: K4 Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Investments: > 4, e.g. Prematch, SPORTTOTAL, Padel FC

Focus: Sports

Serge Gnabry

Age: 28

Sports: Soccer ⚽️

Club: FC Bayern München

Location: München

Ventures: B-Engaged, The Players Fund

Investments: 3, z.B. Prematch, The Players Fund, Virón

Focus: Sports, Fashion

David Raum

Age: 25

Sports: Soccer ⚽️

Club: RB Leipzig

Location: Leipzig

Ventures: -

Investments: 1 - Prematch

Focus: Sports


That concludes the fifth edition of the Monthly Recap. From interesting news in the world of Athlete Angels to media recommendations and profiles of entrepreneurially successful athletes, we covered it all. We hope this gave you a good overview of the past month. Feel free to check back at the end of next month for the next recap. 🚀

FYI: All athletes facing difficulties in understanding the mentioned terms can access our lexicon in the Athlete Angel Academy.

References: LinkedIn, yahoo finance, Sporttechx, The Game, Handelsregister, North Data, Crunchbase, Global Banking & Finance

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