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Monthly Recap #4

Welcome to our Monthly Recap. This blog series provides insights into the events of the past weeks at the end of each month. The topics always revolve around startups, sports, professional athletes, and entrepreneurship. Readers will find information on interesting articles, podcast and newsletter recommendations, as well as profiles of entrepreneurially successful athletes.

Willkommen zu unserem Monthly Recap. 🚀

FYI: All startups interested in athletes as investors can register on the website.

Headlines of the Month

Sports Technology Market Will Grow Significantly

Experts believe that the sports technology market will grow by nearly $30 billion by 2027. The key drivers for this new growth are said to be "Sport Technology Events."

For more details and background, check out this article.

© Technavio

11 Sports Tech Startups To Watch

In line with the projected market growth, experienced investors from VC funds have selected the most exciting startups from the sports tech industry.

Here's the list of 11 startups from Europe with explanations from Boost Capital Partners, Active Partners, and Moonfire Ventures.

© Unsplash

The Exceptional Position Of Athletes In Investing

Footballer Mario Götze recently launched a blog series on LinkedIn. In various posts, he shares his perspective on the growing community of athlete investors.

In the first edition, he discusses the qualities that distinguish professional athletes as business angels. The second episode delves into the challenges of being an athlete investor.

© IMAGO/Kessler-Sportfotografie

Recommendations of the Month

💡 We've got two recommendations from our team for you. In the Profluence Sports newsletter, the significant trend of "Generative AI" and its potential impacts on the sports industry are discussed. The Startup Insider podcast covers the recently completed funding round of the startup LANCH. Investor Enrico Mellis, Principal at Lakestar, is a guest and shares his perspective.💡

Athlete Profiles

In the month of October, we delved into the stories of three former professional athletes. Below, you'll find profiles of Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Langkamp, and Dennis Aogo.

Nico Rosberg

Age: 38

Sports: Motorsports 🏎️

Club: retired

Location: Monaco

Ventures: Rosberg Ventures, Greentech Festival, Rosberg X Racing, TRE Vehicle Dynamics

Investments: > 20, e.g. Tier Mobility, Tesseract Energy, The nu Company

Focus: Sustainability, Mobility

Sebastian Langkamp

Age: 35

Sports: Soccer ⚽️

Club: retired

Location: Berlin

Ventures: -

Investments: 2 - GOKIXX, One-Versus-One

Focus: Sports

Dennis Aogo

Age: 36

Sports: Soccer ⚽️

Club: retired

Location: Dubai

Ventures: A Vent Holding,

Investments: >3 , e.g. Sharpist, Sanity Group, Kynda

Focus: tbd.


That wraps up the fourth edition of the Monthly Recap. From intriguing news in the world of Athlete Angels to media recommendations and profiles of athletically successful individuals, it covered it all. We hope this provided you with a comprehensive overview of the past month. Be sure to check back at the end of the coming month for the next recap.🚀

FYI: All athletes struggling to understand the mentioned terms can access our lexicon in the Athlete Angel Academy.

References: LinkedIn, yahoo finance, sifted, Profluence, Handelsregister, North Data, Crunchbase, Unsplash, Startup Insider

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