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Monthly Recap #3

Welcome to our Monthly Recap. This blog series provides insights into the events of the past weeks at the end of each month. The topics always revolve around startups, sports, professional athletes, and entrepreneurship. Readers will find information about interesting articles, podcast recommendations, newsletters, as well as profiles of entrepreneurially successful athletes. 🚀

FYI: All athletes who want to delve deeper into the startup world should register for free on our platform.

Headlines of the Month

Goldman Sachs launches global sports franchise unit

The American banking giant Goldman Sachs is entering the sports franchise market! After the significant increase in interest from investors in buying shares in sports clubs in recent months and years, the company is now officially positioning itself in the industry.

Investors with sufficient capital can now invest through Goldman Sachs not only in traditional stocks but also in clubs, leagues, and other sports-related assets. You can find more information about this here.

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Investment-Trend: Transit Tech

Investors are constantly on the lookout for new trends that will shape society in the future. Especially in the era of digitalization, nearly all industries are being transformed by new technologies.

According to PitchBook, a new trend could emerge in the transit traffic industry. Rising population numbers create a necessity in this sector. You can find more information about this here.

© Unsplash

15 innovative sport companies

An analysis of the most innovative sports companies in the world. This list includes startups, established corporations, domestic, and international firms. There is also a German startup that made it into the list.

The data is based on the funding received for the development of their respective business ideas. It remains critical to question what value they create for the sports industry from other perspectives. You can find more information about this here.

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Recommendations of the Month

💡 We've brought you two recommendations from our team. In the Profluence Sports Podcast Ruari Bell is a guest. He is the Founding Partner of The Player's Fund, a VC fund that was recently co-founded with several top international athletes. The Huddle Up Newsletter discusses Gerard Piqué's Kings League, offering exciting insights into a potential transformation of football and a preview of a similar project soon launching in Germany. 💡

Athlete Profiles

In the month of September, we focused on three German soccer players. Below are the profiles of Luca Waldschmidt, Benjamin Henrichs and Johannes Manske.

Luca Waldschmidt

Age: 27

Sports: Fußball ⚽️

Club: 1. FC Köln

Location: Köln

Ventures: Grab Perfect

Investments: > 3, z.B. FOUNDERS LEAGUE

Interests: tbd.

Benjamin Henrichs

Age: 26

Sports: Fußball ⚽️

Club: RB Leipzig

Location: Leipzig

Ventures: -

Investments: >2, FOUNDERS LEAGUE, Pola

Interests: tbd.

Johannes Manske

Age: 23

Sports: Fußball ⚽️

Club: VSG Altglienicke

Location: Berlin

Ventures: egora, Humboldt Ventures

Investments: >10 , z.B. Plantix, NAVIT, Sharpist

Interests: tbd.


That's it, the third edition of Monthly Recap. From interesting news in the world of Athlete Angels to media recommendations and profiles of successful athletes turned entrepreneurs, we had it all. We hope we could provide you with a comprehensive overview of the past month. Feel free to check back at the end of the upcoming month for the next recap. 🚀

FYI: All athletes who have difficulties understanding the mentioned terms can access our lexicon in the Athlete Angel Academy.

References: LinkedIn, yahoo finance, sportspromedia, Profluence, Handelsregister, North Data, Crunchbase, Huddle Up

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