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Athlete Angel Update #5

It's that time again - the Athlete Angel Update is here! In this segment, we provide regular updates on the latest developments in the world of Athlete Angels. Who has made a new investment? Which athletes are taking their first steps in the startup scene? We address these and other questions in this section.

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Nico Rosberg

In an exciting development, Nico Rosberg has recently invested in the promising startup Ivy. This company has raised a notable 7 million euros in its seed financing round to drive forward its innovative vision. Ivy is revolutionizing the way customers process their payments by allowing them to pay directly through their house bank. What makes it unique is that Ivy bypasses the fees associated with credit cards and wallets, resulting in significant savings for consumers and businesses. Ivy has also gained the trust of other notable investors, including Jeppe Rindom (Founder of Pleo), Martin Blessing (former CEO of Commerzbank), 10x Founders, André Schwämmlein (Founder of Flix), and Oliver Merkel (Founder of Flink).

Toni Kroos

The Real Madrid footballer has invested in the emerging startup rebirth:active. In the seed financing round, the company managed to secure significant funding. Toni Kroos is now the proud owner of 3 percent of the company's shares. rebirth:active specializes in providing a health platform for employees in companies. On this platform, employees can create customized training and nutrition plans based on their individual lifestyles. In addition, Rebirth Active offers exercises that promote mental health. This innovative concept has not only convinced Toni Kroos but also the VC Fund of Carsten Maschmeyer, known from "Die Höhle der Löwen," as another investor.

Tabea Kemme & Steffi Graf

A significant development in the world of sports: Tabea Kemme and Steffi Graf have participated in the impressive investment round of 1.2 million euros for FC Viktoria Berlin. The club has an ambitious vision: they aim to lead Berlin women's football into the Bundesliga and bring sustainable change to women's sports throughout Germany. This endeavor has not only convinced the two prominent investors but also over 90 other supporters who have participated in this promising initiative. It's inspiring to see so many individuals and personalities come together to promote women's football and women's sports in Germany.

Mario Götze

The world champion has invested in the startup Metergrid. In a seed funding round, the company raised 2.7 million euros. Metergrid offers an innovative solution that enables the realization of tenant electricity projects while generating an attractive return. They assist their clients from planning to implementation, provide the required technology, and offer an innovative software solution to ensure legally compliant billing and management of tenants in ongoing operations. This vision has not only thrilled Mario Götze but also 468 Capital as the lead investor.

In 2021, he already invested in the company 8returns, and he recently made it official. In an 800,000 euro investment round, the startup convinced the football star and other investors like Verena Pausder. What is 8returns all about? The business model aims to turn customers into enthusiastic fans. How? Through a fully automated return process that saves time and money. This is not only a win-win situation for customers who enjoy a hassle-free return process but also for companies that can achieve more efficient operations.

The startup LANCH recently completed an impressive seed funding round, raising a proud 6.9 million US dollars. It's not just the amount that's impressive – the list of investors is also noteworthy. In addition to Mario Götze, HV Capital and Felix Capital, two renowned investment firms, have also invested. The company pursues an extremely exciting business model. They equip small gastronomy owners with the necessary tools to make food delivery fun again. Their vision is to create the world's largest virtual food court by developing high-quality delivery brands together with prominent figures like influencers Knossi and Trymacs.

André Schürrle

The retired footballer has also participated in LANCH's seed round. Alongside Mario Götze and the other investors, he now hopes for a strong development of the startup.

Athlete Funds

In recent months, there has been a true wave of VC funds across Europe. In a very short time, two multimillion-dollar funds have been announced, which will now invest in startups alongside numerous professional athletes.

The company APEX Capital, based in Portugal, has launched the "Elite Performance Fund" and raised 50 million from investors. This fund includes numerous athletes, including footballers Raphaël Varane & Christian Eriksen, as well as Formula 1 drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz.

In England, a new athlete fund has also been established. The "Players Fund" invests together with German national player Serge Gnabry, footballer Hector Bellerin, and many British cricket players.

Today's episode features both individual investors and major investment funds. It demonstrates that professional athletes are not only interested in making direct and private investments in startups but are also relevant through indirect participation via a fund.

With Athlete Capital, all professional athletes now have the opportunity to take their first steps as investors. Whether inexperienced or already active, our offering of a community platform, startup matching, and individual support ensures a successful start as an Athlete Angel.

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