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Support the talents of tomorrow!

You want to be active und look for attractive startup-investments? Expand your network and support young founders with innovative ideas! With Athlete Capital you have access to the exclusive club of startups.


The startups from our portfolio

Checked for quality

Various investment models​

Different industries

Your benefits as an athlete

Access to already verified startups

Portfolio development from €1,000

Support from an experienced

investment team

Save time and money trough easy registrations & personal support before, during and after the deal process

Athlete Capital - the perfect partner for your startup investment

We enable you the way to exciting investments. Based on your interests and experience we support you with the search for suitable startups. Our network with experts out of the world of investments and startups connects you with motivated teams and their innovative ideas.

Startups - active investments in the future

We are convinced that startups will build our future. Athletes have the chance to be a part of the young companies and to create their own impact for this future. The insight in new industries and business models are connected with the potential for an attractive return of investment.

Investment Platform

Athlete Capital Platform.jpg

Investment Process



Simple & Free of charge! You fill out the form and then answer a few initial questions about yourself. The data will then be checked by us. 



Welcome to Athlete Capital! If the review is successful, we will contact you and look forward to getting to know you. This is about your interests. 



Search & Find! In further discussions, we will present you with startups that may fit your ideas. Here we will also discuss concrete key figures. 



It's a Match! If you find a suitable startup, we will bring you together and support you in the discussions and deal negotiations up to the investment.

Team up!

Find your matching startup-investment and create a part of our future. Contact us for more information!

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