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Athlete Angel!

The Network for Professional Athletes and Innovative Startups

+++ Aktuell befinden wir uns in der Beta-Phase - Melde dich jetzt an und gib uns Feedback +++

Athlete Angel Network

By mediating between professional athletes as business angels and innovative startups, we support ideas of the future and help shape the world of tomorrow. We are the business angel network for sport.

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If you stop by here, you are already a trailblazer in the scene of Athlete Angels. To plan your next steps, you can now schedule an onboarding conversation with our team. The focus is on your interests and experiences. At the same time, you will get an insight into the platform, learn more about our vision and help to further develop Athlete Capital.

Let's Meet Up

Based on individual interests and characteristics of participants


Proofed Startups

The startups in our portfolio have been previously vetted for quality by our investment team and are considered "investment ready"

Depending on the need, our experienced investment team accompanies the athletes on their way to a successful investment.

Investment as a Sevice

Business Angel Academy

The combination of theoretical contributions via the platform and practical application in the investment process develops expertise of athletes as business angels



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Start of Test Stage

From 02.12. we start the first test stage with Athlete Capital. A number of startups from a wide variety of industries are already taking part. Athletes can now join for free.


Blog about getting started as an Athlete Angel

Read here how you as a professional athlete can invest in your first startup this year.

In our free newsletter, we regularly provide you with updates on our platform and our startup portfolio.

Let's Meet Up

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